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Lightwave Animation Project

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Lightwave 3D Modeling and Animation Project


For this assignment, you will work with LIGHTWAVE 3D to create an original scene that features a variety of modeling and construction techniques.  The scene will be animated and will feature effective use of lighting, textures and backgrounds.



  • Select one of the scenes/objects listed below to create using Lightwave. You are recommended to find a source image from the Internet to use as your model “inspiration” or you can design your own using the 3-view model sheet provided.  You may also create a 3D text flyby, similar to animations you might see at the start of a movie (ex. 20th Century Fox Logo).  See samples on the comm tech wiki site.
  • You will need to create a 3-view sketch of the main objects you plan to create using Modeler prior to beginning work on the computer.  This must be checked by your instructor.
  • Your scene must include multiple layers to construct model (separate geometry on each level to assemble character and allow for independent animation in Layout program)
  • Model must feature at least one non-primitive shape (object that has been manipulated/modified in some way – extrude, bevel, boolean, bend, twist, etc)
  • Model/scene should be constructed of no less than 6 separate geometric objects
  • Must feature at least ONE applied texture or material











  • Minimum 250 frames (approx. 8-9 seconds in length)
  • Must have a background for the scene (including ground for models to “stand” on).  You should use boxes, etc. to apply images/materials to create background
  • Scene will feature at least 3 lights (with cast shadows applied to create depth)
  • Scene will feature at least 1 camera that has been animated in some way (fly around, etc.)
  • At least one object in the scene must be animated (NOT including the camera) – should be reasonably complex animation that lasts the entire duration of the scene



  • Final animation will be rendered as an AVI file (final copy should be saved into your “Hand-in” folder)



Save copies in your animation project folder & submit final work to class Hand-In folder

  • ALL model files used for scene (.LWO files)
  • Lightwave Layout File (.LWS files)
  • Rendered AVI file




Click here for Rubric  


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